We're looking for people who are passionate about sharing their own experience using cannabis in supporting their fitness and wellness journey. Individuals who are knowledgable about using cannabis or CBD in leading a health and more active life. A quick vape hit before a long run, a topical to soothe sore muscles, or an edible to get the body relaxed and rested at night. As member of the Stigma® community, you are an advocate of cannabis and wellness, and are responsible for helping educate and inspire others. 

3 things we ask when you become a Team Member: 

  1. Support our mission to help redefine cannabis by role modeling a healthy and productive life

  2. Educate others on cannabis and CBD wellness by sharing your own personal story

  3. Actively promote our brand by posting photos using our products and leading your active lifestyle

Member Benefits:

  • 20% OFF your 1st order on our Apparel and CBD line

  • Access to our  NEW online Members Community where you'll be able to join conversations, follow posts, upload photos and videos, leave comments and more. 

  • Connect with other Members from around the world who are joining in the movement to redefine cannabis. 

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